Biovectrol 20EW


Biological drug products originating in Singapore Biovectrol 20EW interest, is the product Biovectrol Biovectrol cooperation and Okada Ecotech Singapore Pte Lt. Okada Ecotech is a longstanding company that specializes in manufacturing of biological products to control harmful organisms famous in Singapore – a land of mangrove green – clean – beautiful.
BIOVECTROL 20EW is a new concept, pesticides, eco-friendly based on a unique active ingredient Etofenprox®1 and natural plant extracts eternal engine designed specifically for the control of harmful organisms .
BIOVECTROL 20EM with great efficiency and high waterproof, providing an important role in the control quickly and effectively to communicable diseases such as Dengue hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, malaria, Filaria, Chagas disease, encephalitis, Shigellosis, Trachoma and diarrhea and other diseases …
20EW Biovectrol work for mosquito and insect bites, and is particularly effective against Aedes mosquitoes anopheline Mosquitoes, Flies Synanthropic, triatominae Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, etc.
Thanks to self-decomposition characteristics and decomposition of Biovectrol will not cause any environmental pollution, absolute safety for humans!

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