PMC 90


PMC 90 termiticide by biotechnology are taken by the Vietnam scientist created with Sodium Fluoride compounds Silicates, Boric Acid, Copper Sulfate ingredients shock caused by intestinal digestive affair thanks the active ingredient can spread rapidly on through contact with each other, they are bottled usually 100 grams, with the behavior of the bond took advantage by Du Termites Termites in the joints such as the mechanic to go feeding will focus on luring box, we need to sprinkle drugs PMC 90 thin layer on the Termites workers so they can bring drugs to take the team to infection, to defeat the king Termites Termite soldiers and then the whole termites in the group infected and die.

PMC 90 termite drug root powder form, easy to use, is not harmful because they are made from mushrooms can infect both nest Termites do not need to spray, just a little thin volume of both drugs were able to Extinction Termites herd. Applicable to the new location can be difficult to exterminate hardly eat but do not spray directly Drugs.

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