Cislin 25EC


Termite drugs Cislin 2.5 EC (Bayer, Germany) is the oily emulsion compositions dedicated to preventing the kind of termite gouged, destructive kinds of wood, rattan, rush, paving … effective today.
Herbicide 2.5 EC Cislin termite is the best specialized products to protect wood and rattan have the same characteristics equivalent organic, help us prevent and eradicate insects products, supplies, home furnishings, office, factory, warehouse …

(*) Ingredient:
– Deltamethrin 2.5% w / v
– In oil emulsifiers

(*) Uses:
– Drugs kill termites EC component Cislin 2.5 deltamethrin oily emulsion, drugs heading persistent pyrethroid potentially very high termite.

– Drugs kill termites EC Cislin 2.5 can be used to protect new wood sawed, finished wood, rattan and wood products processed by dipping into drugs, vacuum impregnation or surface treatment.

– Drugs kill termites EC Cislin 2.5 is compatible with most types of mold surface insecticides and blue mold (as Farmay Plus).

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