Agenda 25EC


Insecticide and Termite Prevention Agenda 25EC (the old name Termidor 25EC)
Manufacturer: Bayer.
Origin: Thailand.
Ingredients: Fipronil 2.5% w / v.
Bottled specifications: 01 liters.
Water form.
Typically termites do not we worry but when termites destroy the wooden structure works, the work of termite extermination and prevention becomes imperative.
Effective measures to protect most of the affair before the harm is:
+ Eradicate existing termite nest in the works. Using chemicals to cause epidemic spread, taking advantage of an infected worker termites infecting entire termite nests and queens.
+ Handling chemicals underground around the structure to be protected, forming a chemical barrier to prevent termites from entering the structure.
The old chemicals impact by 1 of 2 ways: either as a barrier to prevent the toxins intruders by killing them as they work on the land has been treated, or an effective barrier repels termites away from the area.
But now there is another solution Agenda 25EC.
Agenda 25EC effect with other chemicals.
When we use the Agenda 25EC, the termites foraging less is felt when we go on the land has been treated, inadvertently we have absorbed a small amount of the active ingredient. We do not know that this small amount of the active ingredient have enough of them life-threatening and the other individuals in the group act affair. Due to this unique effect Agenda 25EC should not only protect, but also handling structured group where all clues ..

Agenda 25EC – An environmental solution:
Agenda is not only a good solution, but not against each impact on the environment. This is important because the treatment takes place around, inside the house, where people spend a lot of time to stay.
Agenda 25EC have a minimum impact on the environment because:
Agenda is used in low doses.
Without prejudice to the processing plants on land.
Not affect earthworms and microorganisms in the soil.
Through the soil from being washed away.
Agenda can be used in and around the home reliably.

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