Glue trap

+ Name of production: Dai Phat Private Enterprise

+ Materials: Adhesives imported from Korea

– Polybute: 70%

– Base resin: 5%

– Reduce vie: 3%

– Symthetic Resin: 12%

– Rubber: 5%

– Chewing gum: 5%

+ Status: In normal temperature glue plasticity

+ Smell: Not Blind

+ Colour: blue Outside, inside color respectfully and without impurities

+ Getting stick is all kinds of mice.

+ The amount of glue more so after it catches mice, can remove the mouse and re-used many times.

+ Use: Open trap out (Book scented bait to lure the mouse or not to put the bait in order to avoid reflections of the mice not wise Predator). Mouse traps on the way to run (the position detection footprint by mouse or rat hole cut out to run back and forth) or region appears rats out property.

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