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Shoulder 8-liter categories, nozzles brass, 304 stainless steel needs, specialized spray chemicals with high durability.
Brand Bee Vang
Product characteristics
– Nozzles rotate 180o, 304 stainless steel high-end needs, length 400mm diameter 8mm
– Mouth average removable hopper shape
– Hand pump iron core encased in plastic, high-grade plating does not rust
– Leather pump and seal rubber seal is not affected by chemicals
– Co squeeze keyed continuous spray
– Automatic drain valves when the pressure exceeds a maximum load regulation
– Case is durable for years of use
– Spray flared cone, wide radius, polar puree with moderate pressure. Spray away 8-10met
– Shoulder Type
* Can be extended to spray
– There comes spare parts

E Increasing the pressure at 5kg / cm2
2cai conventional  / PP 65 x 45cm sizes
6 pcs /  size 57x39x66 cm
1,260cai / container types 20 ‘
Capacity 8lit
Net weight 2.3kg
Maximum pressure 5kg/cm2
Product size 18.5×18.5x65cm
Packaging 2pcs/bag size 65 x 45cm
Export Packing 6 pcs/container size57x39x66 cm
Quantity 1,260pcs/container

Lượt đọc: 1,108