Racumin TP 0.75


Using rat poison type TP 0.75 racumin advantages:
– Extremely easy to use it has been packed 10g / packaging used just brought

– Drugs without blending more quality food for baiting rats and additives available

– Mouse dies in but within easy detection and search


– Place the drug in mice but which often appear, on the path of the mouse, cave, place of mouse feces and urine, …

– Place medications in different positions and change baits when rats eat mice signs at that location

– Use repeatedly until the number of baits mice eat less than 20%

Coumatetralyl drug toxicity: 0.0375% w / w should have preserved in a dry place, far out of reach of children painting, pets and should be sent immediately to the medical facility for drug packages if someone eat the wrong medicine to take measures to timely treatment.

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