Produced by Cuba’s biotechnology, is the kind of rat poison BIORAT harmless to humans, animals and types do not pollute the environment. 98.7% of BIORAT ingredients are rice, along with a bacterium which, when eaten, the mouse will be “typhoid fever” and died 3 days later. BIORAT produced by steamed rice, fragrant should avoid suspicion of the mouse. Other advantages of this drug is to eat rat bait will then spread out above. She Mileydis Lezcano Diaz, Director of Bio Vietnam Limited Company, said: The study of the process used in Cuba showed that rats fed 100% dead baits drugs, 40% of the mice in the herd do not eat well … fate transmitted by feces and urine of the children died.

+ Active ingredient: Salmonella enteritidis Warfarin var.I7 Sodiun + F-4

+ The name of the drug trade: BIORAT

+ Name of Producer: Bio Vietnam Co., Ltd.

+ Active content: 0.02% + 2 x 10 spore

+ Drug form: g (granule)

+ Packing: 01 kg

+ Use: Place the bait in the store, or the corner of the road, distance from 2-5m / trap. For fields: 50g / traps, with built-up areas, warehouses: 50g / trap

Lượt đọc: 1,490