Termite, Isoptera scientific name, is a group of insects, closely related to cockroaches. Termites are insects group “social” high. We made the earliest kingdoms.

Sometimes people call the affair as “white ants” but in reality they do not have relatives with ants (they even attack each other), we only have a relationship: are insects. Termites had been classified as a separate set of wings with (Isoptera), however, based on DNA evidence, they found support for a theory nearly 120 years ago, originally based on morphology, that termites kinship closest to the wood-eating cockroaches (GMT Cryptocercus). Recently, this has led to some authors propose that termites should be reclassified as a single family, called Termitidae, within the Blattodea, a bucket of cockroaches. However, the majority of researchers favor less drastic measures and considered affair is still scientific group called Isoptera, but just a group of cockroaches under the real, to protect internal classification the termites.


Termites are insects hiding activities, according to the board. Worldwide, more than 2700 species of termites, termites are the most common, black wings subterranean termites.


In early May, in June each year, the long arm of the nest termites fly out, fly off and soon they fall cows, termites termites find the mating male, having appropriate circumstances, the group enters the birth. Specialized mating male termites, termites pose the specialized post-spawn; they are the basis for the organization proliferate new termite colonies. After 10 days, the nest began to lay eggs, a month after the larvae emerge, after two months, through several molts grow into termite workers and soldiers.

Social organization

Queens (new post)

Small head, big belly (possibly long 12-15 cm). Genital development.

Rear hub can live 10 years; initially lay fewer eggs, after 4-5 years, adult genitals, every day can give birth to 8000-10000 eggs.

Termites workers

Small body, the limbs develop.

Termites workers make up the majority, 70-80% of termite colonies, shouldering all the work in the kingdom as nest building, road, turn eggs, absorbent, non … nurture connections

Termites use food workers and mud, through a thorough process to stick together to build the nest. The main structured and fathers, where termite colonies mainly for group activities and live. In Africa, there are termites build nests on the ground into termite mounds as high as 10 m and very solid, like fortresses, citadels so.

Termite soldiers

Termites termite soldier differentiation from workers. Termite soldiers are not many, mainly guarding and attacking. Jaws on highly developed termite soldiers (as their weapon), with the remaining glands secrete service functions such as white, while fighting can spray fluid fascinated opponent.

Both sides of the mouth senses a very special soldier termites, inability to take the bait, when necessary, workers must for termite soldier termites eat.


Termites love to eat cellulose, wood. Termite worker senses sides have chewing mouth style special, very sturdy palate. Of wood cellulose indigestible but termite gut has a super flagellate species solvents can secrete cellulose into sugars resolution provide clues.


Termites are pests for construction, even more important things human. Confirmation of termite colonies can eat destroying buildings, dykes, reservoirs, boats, bridges … and even destroyed many valuable library materials …

Because life swarm with huge number of members, to counteract the harmful effects of the affair, not just targeting single individual. Besides treatment to combat the infiltration of destructive termite colonies, many people still find ways to destroy the system of relationship, with the most important purpose is to kill the queens.

Termites “dry wood” can be detected in a simple structure, features live through wood chisel into a zigzag slot, just food mining has made the residence. Do termite species formed by extruding particles like grains of sand out so we called affair “sand pile”. Removal of this type of cure just use direct injection into termite nests.

The other termites in the building, including the termites (the Coptic-formosanus), held largely in the background or in the intestines panels, fathers may appear in the corner of the wall, on the ceiling etc … To find a nest these species, people often use complicated instruments such as radioisotope detectors, ultrasonic, or resistive measurements etc .. To destroy termite this form, people may use biochemical methods, spraying on worker termites to spread toxic or harmful microorganisms for termites to destroy termite and queens.

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