Flies are insects of the Order Diptera, we have a single pair of wings on his chest burning and a pair of side parts of balance, out of burning chest late. Do not they always fly with wings, there is a hippoboscoidea them in English, they can only fly or run cows can not fly. The flies are often found in Vietnam include: fruit fly, eat dead flies, flies, house flies, flies above, gadfly etc ..

+ Fruit flies: Is eating fruit flies, belonging to Drosophilidae, length 13 mm – 14.5 mm, they belong to lepidopteran, they still pale brown in color, they have very long life span ranges from 7-18 days, we have very thick fur covering the whole body. This fly species is an animal model widely used in genome biology research, physiology, microbial pathogenesis and evolution of life history. It is often used because it is a species that is easy to care for and reproduce rapidly, and lay eggs more.

Vinegar flies

+ Flies eat corpses: Heads of fresh orange fly, legs and body with blue, white wings and flies Vieng this black spot size of about 10 mm long. This flies like to eat the larvae on the corpse’s decomposition and animals including humans, and in particular it is a very sensitive senses can detect when the dead animals in the snow. Activities of Drosophila unlike other fly species, they operate mostly at night lasts from October to November.

Flies eat corpses
+ Flies: Long about 6 – 10 mm, with metallic green body (blue or green), red eyes, white wings with black veins, they often spawn in areas with dirty or bait stinking like garbage dumps, pork, fish species in the marketplace trade etc …. From 5-7 days after the eggs hatch into nymphs and so in one month, about 2-3 generations are born out. Incense species healthy and active within several kilometers from where the breed. we present many trng the warm summer months.
+ House Flies: Long from 5 – 7 mm for adults, body colored striped gray, red eyes 1 black dot 12mm long, gray fur mouse wings, black legs. House flies usually breed in areas with bad quality and wet rot, fly eggs are laid from 110-140 eggs and hatch within 4-8 days, larvae hatch out of the egg after it takes from 6 – 42 days to mature. Housefly having a long life of about 2 to 3 weeks, but cooler conditions we can live up to 3 months.

+ Flies Forum: Length between 5 – 10 mm, the chest is gray, brown and white wings, dorsal color black and white striped, yellow-bellied brown, red gray eyes. Eggs are laid in the ground and grow very fast, flies above the most-establish in the spring.

+ Buffalo Flies: Flies larger buffalo fly home (from 2 to 3 times), very strong and able to fly xa.Dau flies, eyes are visible, colored sparkling, wide nozzle downwards wings smooth, brownish or so; stay close to the body swing. Gadfly is present everywhere in the world and often operate in forested areas, wetlands. Flies very painful burning and hinder outdoor activities. Burning and blood sucking horsefly cattle and humans, they often burn in the daytime blood especially during the sunny hours of seeing the bait. Due to so much blood can burn blood flies several times, each time a little bit on the same host or another host of gadfly nhau.Vet combustion can cause bleeding, painful persistent, may be extended born days and other complications such as high fever, convulsions, coma.

Maggot larvae of flies:
The lives of flies and maggots were developed from larvae called maggots. In the decaying corpses often find they have a lot of maggots, which is the development of flies, the size of an average number of maggots from 8-18 mm. With its tropical climate, the summer we follow we usually see on the mouse body, ripe fruits etc … we see in one of them inside the eggs and maggots have a lot of flies.

Beneficial and harmful maggot

Maggots benefit: The legal staff can identify the corpse at some point by relying on the development of maggots. maggots are people breeding with the aim of trafficking such as bait fish as food for other animals such as birds and reptiles etc ….
Maggots harmful: The species of fly maggots cause most crop damage is enormous, because the fly’s parasitic species, most of them parasitic animals cause unintended damage.

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