One day of work at the Yamaha factories

Yamaha – a brand no longer strangers to us, Yamaha Vietnam has been established since the beginning of 1998 and after 20 years of presence in Vietnam market, Yamaha has marked his name echoed in motorcycle industry.

Currently in Hanoi, Vietnam Yamaha has 3 manufacturing plants and large motorcycle assembly plant that is producing parts in Soc Son Yamaha, 01 manufacturing plants in Noi Bai Industrial Zone and 01 vehicle assembly plants plant in Quang Minh – Thang Long. And at 3 plants, BIOSMART currently provides services to control pests and rats for 03 plants on Yamaha, Yamaha Vietnam accompanied by nearly a dozen years, Biosmart proud to be a partner Yamaha’s reliable.

Frequency test mice and insects dense Biosmart control of almost the whole of harmful organisms in the Yamaha factory, precisely because of the enthusiasm, hard work and high professionalism, always been Yamaha Biosmart reviews highly professional

Here are a few pictures control mice at the Yamaha factory:


Images: Check mouse under the floor, this is where the power lines and wires in your office network, where mice can travel freely and easily devoured wires leading to extreme short, fire and damage assets of the plant.


BIOSMART check where the glue trap in the corner roaring cabinets and easy place with the mouse back and forth.


Biosmart cockroach baits placed in the plant’s canteen


BIOSMART always strive to do their best. small contribution to the development of the plant YAMAHA!

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