Termite Sevices

Termites are classified as social insects, have the ability to reproduce and distribute large herds. In each of joints, depending on the species, up to a few hundred to tens of millions of children. In Termites nest typically include components: Termites king, lord Termites, Termite wings Termite Termite soldiers and workers.
Termite food source product mainly of plants, of which the most important ingredient is fiber (Cellulose).
Based on the basic documents in our country, just at elevation above sea level of 2,000 m or higher without bond. In fact most of the construction work, including high rises, the permanent works, Termites appear.
Termite prevention right from the start of construction will be less expensive, easy to implement and highly effective. Because in this case we can take the initiative to apply the technique particularly well insulated wall, soaked planks etc … In case Termite Prevention after building these measures could not be implemented . On the other hand, when have found clues, some wood components or materials usually have been vandalized, while costs rose because termite termite measures more complicated to repair and replace the timber.
Another point to note is that many building types: high-rise concrete building, bamboo houses, permanent housing, temporary housing, structural different architecture, different terrain, different uses each other and so on. so design plans for each particular project will not be the same.
But still have to follow the following rules:
Procedural step to the survey, design, and so on … the new price to the construction stage. Now there are many cases, when designed without regard to the prevention of termites, construction works was put halfway termite prevention should have many stages failed.

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