Smart Biotech Joint Stock Company – BIOSMART was originated from the representative office directly under Labiofam corporation, which was founded in 2002. We are the leading company specialized in researching and controlling pests in Vietnam.

With almost 15 years of experience and vast knowledge in thepest control industry, BIOSMART is now partner of a great number of customers ranging from residence buildings, factories, food-processing companies, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. We are specialized in researching our customers’ needs and interests. Since there,we give proper solutions to meet the customers’ demands.

BIOSMART team of professional seasonedspecialists, technicians and workers are capable of providing fulfilled pest control services including: technical advice and plan, cost estimation, structure design, operation and supervision. With years of experience, BIOSMART is always willing to perform complex projects of any kind.

BIOSMART also build partnership with renowned chemical manufacturers in the world, including Bayer, Syngenta, Labiofam, Basf, etc.

BIOSMART guarantees to provide alltype of pests-controlling solutions to meet our customers’demands.